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W H Y  C H O O S E  U S


Food is one of the number one

things guests remember about an event. The food highlights the occasion and helps us soak in

the event with all of our senses.

We are here to help you plan an event your guests will not soon

forget with in your budget.

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Meal Delivery Menu

Our menus change with the seasons.

While we are able to source most produce year round, we constantly seek to develop delicious menus that highlight the Northwest's seasonal bounty.


Chef Tobie Robinson


I am a local Chef.

Classically trained in cuisines

from around the world with

over ten years of professional

culinary experience.

I take pride in the extra steps

to make dishes from scratch

because that’s where the flavor

comes from, instead of a box.



W H A T   W E   D O


Eager to develop flavorful menus sourcing produce and meats from local farmers for your event. We work with your price range to figure out the best menu for your event to give you more value with in your budget.

W h o l e s o m e .   L o c a l .   F o o d .

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